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The Other Side: Mississippi Today’s Political Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

Mississippi Today's Adam Ganucheau and Geoff Pender analyze Speaker of the House Philip Gunn's decision to step down and not seek reelection to the House. Among topics they discuss: What will this decision mean for the 2023 legislative session, what is Gunn's legacy, who may replace him, and what will he do next?

Nov 21, 2022

State Sen. Hob Bryan, chairman of the Senate Public Health Committee, joins Mississippi Today's Adam Ganucheau and Bobby Harrison to discuss the state's growing hospital crisis. Bryan's committee is hosting a hearing to discuss potential long-term solutions.

Nov 14, 2022

Charles Taylor, recently named permanent executive director of Mississippi chapter NAACP joins Mississippi Today's Adam Ganucheau to discuss his new role, the 2022 midterms, and the 2023 statewide election cycle. Taylor also shared his thoughts on the state of the state after several scandals earned Mississippi some...

Nov 7, 2022

Rep. Kabir Karriem, D-Columbus, talks with Mississippi Today’s Bobby Harrison and Geoff Pender about the positive impact on the Golden Triangle and the state of the new Steel Dynamics aluminum mill coming to Lowndes County after a special session where legislators approved $246 million in incentives for the...