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The Other Side: Mississippi Today’s Political Podcast

Dec 25, 2023

Former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, during a 2023 interview with Mississippi Today, shared an incredible story from earlier in his life when he got to attend a Super Bowl. Mississippi Today's Adam Ganucheau and Bobby Harrison talk with Musgrove about the event. 

Dec 18, 2023

Mississippi Today’s Bobby Harrison and Taylor Vance provide a primer of what to expect during the opening days of the pomp and circumstance of the 2024 legislative session. The session is quickly approaching, slated to begin at noon on Jan. 2.

Dec 11, 2023

Mississippi Today’s Bobby Harrison and Geoff Pender take a break from political world (kind of) to talk with Mississippi singer/songwriter Paul Thorn about his music and his diverse life’s experiences. Thorn grew up in a conservative church before making a mark as a boxer and then a storyteller, writing and singing...

Dec 4, 2023

Mississippi Today’s Bobby Harrison and Taylor Vance discuss the recent election losses for Mississippi Democrats with Rep. Robert Johnson, D-Natchez, the House minority leader. Johnson also talks about whether he can work with Jason White, the likely new speaker of the Mississippi House, and what his own future...

Nov 27, 2023

Mississippi Today's Adam Ganucheau, Bobby Harrison, Geoff Pender and Taylor Vance discuss the relationship between Gov. Tate Reeves, Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann and likely Speaker of the House Jason White. Will tensions in those relationships affect major policy proposals that will be debated during the 2024...