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The Other Side: Mississippi Today’s Political Podcast

Dec 27, 2021

Mississippi Today editor at large Marshall Ramsey joins Adam Ganucheau to recount some of his most memorable stories during his 25-year career as a Mississippi editorial cartoonist.

Dec 20, 2021

Mississippi Today editors Kayleigh Skinner and Adam Ganucheau discuss potential Mississippi legislation that would aim to ban critical race theory from being taught in Mississippi schools — even though critical race theory isn't currently being taught in Mississippi schools.

Dec 13, 2021

State Sen. John Polk of Hattiesburg is chairman of a special committee studying how the state can best spend $1.8 billion in American Rescue Plan Act federal COVID-19 stimulus money. Polk provides an update on the committee’s work over the last several weeks and the challenges of coming up with a plan to...

Dec 6, 2021

Mississippi Today journalists Julia James and Will Stribling join editor-in-chief Adam Ganucheau to discuss how Mississippi was at the center of a renewed national debate about abortion access and the U.S. Supreme Court’s deliberations about Roe v. Wade.